Om Folkekirkens Uddannelses- og Videnscenter
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Centre for Pastoral Education and Research

Folkekirkens Uddannelses- og Videnscenter (FUV) / Centre for Pastoral Education and Research, Church of Denmark bears the main responsibility for education of ministers within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark following the university degree.

Outline for education within the Church:

  • Part of this education takes part in cooperation within the theological education at the universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen who are responsible for the theological education at the universities. It is only possible to attend the Pastoral Seminary after a university degree (Master) in theology.
  • Theological degree from University of Copenhagen or Aarhus University
  • Attendance of the Pastoral Seminary. This is a course of 17 weeks (day course) preparing the students for a position as minister within the Danish church. These courses take place at our departments in Aarhus and Copenhagen and they are the necessary qualification to apply for positions as a minister within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark.
  • After the fulfillment of the course at the Pastoral Seminary the students apply the local churches for positions as ministers. When the students have been offered a permanent position, it is compulsary for them to follow a 4-week residential course within the first 5 years (1-week course per year). 
  • After the compulsary education, the Church offers a range of courses that the minister – with permission from the local dean and bishops – can follow. The courses consist mainly of 1-week-residential courses in Løgumkloster and offer a wide range of topics and fields. We publish a programme twice a year. Attendance is voluntary.

Contact information

FUV Løgumkloster
Kirkeallé 2
DK-6240 Løgumkloster
Tel. +45 58 58 30 00 | email
Dean: PhD Hans Vium Mikkelsen
Tel. +45 58 58 30 03 | email

FUV Aarhus
Sankt Markus Kirkeplads 1, 1.
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tel. +45 58 58 30 00 | email
Head of Research Centre: PhD Birgitte Graakjær Hjort
Tel. +45 24 64 47 37 | email

FUV Copenhagen
Farvergade 27 F 2.
DK-1463 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 58 58 30 00 | email
Head of Education: PhD Ulla Morre Bidstrup
Tel. +45 24 64 41 47 | email

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