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About FUV

Centre for Education and Research

The Centre for Education and Research (FUV) is an organization under the Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs. 

FUV is based in three locations around Denmark: Løgumkloster, Aarhus, and Copenhagen. We provide continuing education for pastors in the Danish church, education for theology students wanting to become pastors in the Danish church, and research on the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Denmark. 

What we do, and where

  • Løgumkloster: Compulsory and non-compulsory courses for pastors in the Danish church
  • Copenhagen and Aarhus: Pastoral Seminary (practical-theological education for postgraduate theology students).
  • Aarhus: Research Centre, focusing on collecting, processing and disseminating knowledge about the church in Denmark, and on the relationship between the church and society, for the development of the church on an analytical and knowledge-based basis.

 FUV's outline for education 

The Pastoral Seminary 
The Pastoral Seminary is a practical-theological education, consisting of 19 weeks, and prepares students for employment as pastors within the Danish church. A prerequisite to enrolment at the Pastoral Seminary is a master’s degree in theology from either Copenhagen or Aarhus University. The course is a mandatory qualification in order to apply for a position as a pastor within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark. 

The Pastoral Seminary is located in Copenhagen and in Aarhus. 

Continuing education 

Mandatory: Once ordained and permanent employment has been gained, it is compulsory to follow FUVs 4-week course, within the first 5 years (1 course per year). 

Voluntary: FUV also offers non-compulsory courses to all ordained priests (with permission from the local dean and bishop) in Denmark. These courses consist mainly of 1-week-residential courses in Løgumkloster and offer a wide range of topics and fields. 

 FUV's outline for research

FUV's Research Centre contributes in ensuring that the Danish church remains relevant and contemporary, and supports and develops the church’s role in society. 

The Centre’s employees collect, process and disseminate knowledge relevant to the Danish church and society. Projects and studies are instituted in order to create new knowledge about the church, and to provide inspiration to develop work happening in the church. Supplementary to this, the Research Centre has a coordinating role regarding projects in related fields, and offers evaluation of projects to support development initiatives.

Considering that the Research Centre’s purpose is to help develop the work of the church and in that way be of benefit to society, there is a great focus on dissemination of all the Centre's activities. Dissemination of our projects come in the form of theme days, course days, study days, conferences and seminars, as well as our reports that are accessible online. Results of our studies are openly accessible to everyone, and can be downloaded here.  

Contact information

FUV Løgumkloster
Kirkeallé 2
DK-6240 Løgumkloster
Tel. +45 58 58 30 00 |
Dean: Birgitte Stoklund Larsen
Tel. +45 29 42 05 21|

FUV Aarhus
Sankt Markus Kirkeplads 1, 1.
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tel. +45 58 58 30 30 |
Head of Research Centre: PhD Birgitte Graakjær Hjort
Tel. +45 24 64 47 37 | email

FUV Copenhagen
Farvergade 27 F 2.
DK-1463 København K
Tel. +45 58 58 30 60 |
Head of Education: PhD Ulla Morre Bidstrup
Tel. +45 24 64 41 47 | email

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